Thursday, May 7, 2020

How Culture Defines the Organization Campus Christian...

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. Although it seems first impressions of other people are quite accurate, it can be misleading in cases such as in organizations and clubs. Many organizations are associated with stereotypes which could be the sole reason that contributes to the ‘first impression’. Church-based organizations such as Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) have stereotypes; many of which are negative. Yet, actually participating in the organization, many will find the culture of the organization has a very pleasant aura that exposes some stereotypes that were ‘assigned’ to the organization are not true at all. CCF is an organization that is not restricted to a specific religious denomination and serving on the campuses of four colleges in North Carolina. The purpose of CCF is to â€Å"make disciples on campus who impact the world.† The culture of CFF greatly helps achieve the purpose in different ways. Because of the a larming number of stereotypes of church-based organizations, CCF refutes many misconceptions by managing the stereotypes by the aspects of their culture such as beliefs, traditions and behaviors. A part of the culture of CCF is to go to Bible studies on Mondays and going to Overflow, which is a branch of CCF, on Wednesdays. In Bible studies, male and female students on campus actively study Scripture and have reflections of the words of God. In Overflow, members of CFF and other interested students praise and worship God and discuss

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