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Is there a different in attitude toward Cesarean section between women Dissertation

Is there an alternate in disposition toward Cesarean segment between ladies in Iran and ladies in United realm - Dissertation Example The things in the poll were all in English. Strategy. The poll was dispersed to members in through two emergency clinics in Iran and one medical clinic in Britain. All members were from the middleclass and were instructed at pre or post college levels. The Iranian members were all educated in English. Results. The consequences of Principal Components Analysis (PCA) demonstrated two elements rising up out of the poll which were named as â€Å"Preference for CS† and â€Å"Misconceptions about CS†. Generally, the Iranian members gave lower evaluations on the two variables contrasted with their British partners which infer more help for Cesarean Section. There was additionally a positive relationship among's age and the two elements. Conjugal status and having youngsters didn't impact their inclination for and misguided judgments about the technique. It was subsequently reasoned that progressively powerful data dispersal must be completed about the favorable circumstances a nd disservices of CS, to permit ladies to settle on increasingly educated decision. List of chapters Chapter 1 Introduction 6 1.1 Introduction 6 1.2 Background of the Study 6 1.2.1 Reasons for the Choice of CS 7 1.2.2â â â â â â â Influences to CS Choice 8 Prevalence of CS in Britain and in Iran 9 Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature 11 2.1â â â Introduction 11 2.2 Overview of Cesarean Section (CS) 11 2.3 Factors that Influence CS Choice Among Women in Iran 14 2.4 Factors that Influence CS Choice Among Women in Britain 17 2.5 Empirical Studies 21 2.6 Conclusion 28 2.7 Research Aims 30 2.8 Research Questions 30 2.9 Research Approach 31 2.10 Research Methodology 32 Chapter 3 Method 34 3.1â â â Research Design 34 3.2 Participants 34 3.3â â â Materials 34 3.4 Procedure 35 3.5 Data Collection Procedures 35 3.6â Ethical Considerations 36 3.7â â â Method of Data Analysis 37 Chapter 4 Results and Discussion 38 4.1â â â Introduction 38 4.2 Results 38 4.3â â â Discussion 46 Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations 51 5.1â â â Conclusions 51 5.2â â â Recommendations 53 References 55 Appendix A †Survey Questionnaire 66 List of Tables Table 1. Head segment investigation of overview things. 38 Table 2. Cronbach Alpha: Factor 1 (Preference for CS). 40 Table 3. Cronbach Alpha: Factor 2 (Misconceptions about CS). 41 Table 4. Graphic Statistics: Status x Having Children on Factor 1(Preference for CS). 41 Table 5. Between-Subjects Effects: Status x Having Children on Factor 1 (Preference for CS). 41 Table 6. Engaging Statistics: Status x Having Children on Factor 2 (Misconceptions about CS). 42 Table 7. Between-Subjects Effects: Status x Having Children on Factor 2 (Misconceptions about CS). 43 Table 8. Clear Statistics: Cultural Groups on Factors 1 (Preference for CS) and 2 (Misconceptions about CS). 43 Table 9. Connections: Age versus Elements 1 (Preference for CS) and 2 (Misconceptions about CS). 44 Table 10. Elucidating Stati stics: Having Children x Cultural Group on Factor 1 (Preference for CS). 45 Table 11. Between-Subjects Effects: Having Children x Cultural Group on Factor 1 (Preference for CS). 45 Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction The current part is a diagram of research identified with the clinical and mental parts of cesarean area, the dangers in question, explanations behind picking cesarean segment and the social perspectives towards picking

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Redbox Current Situation free essay sample

Current Situation Redbox is driving the route in the chief business of DVD rental booths. With Coinstar as its built up parent organization, Redbox is right now outperforming its rivals with its number of self-administration stands. Redbox’s developing prevalence is encouraged by its physical circulation, which puts the stand in high rush hour gridlock areas, for example, Wal-Mart, Kroger, McDonalds and Walgreens. Due to Redbox’s remaining as the dynamic alternative for DVD rental, its choice to focus on the 18-multi year old in household’s socioeconomics. This segment encapsulates the possibility of advancement, experimentation, and reliance on innovation, which are all basic to change an initial item into an across the nation brand. The accompanying report gives auxiliary and essential research so as to build an exact look at Redbox and its developing status inside the 18-multi year old objective market of the DVD rental industry. This report incorporates the portrayal and aftereffects of eighty self-regulated overviews finished by tests of the objective market. We will compose a custom article test on Redbox Current Situation or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page In view of an examination of these outcomes, the report finishes up with proposals intended to help Redbox in more adequately arriving at its 18-multi year old objective market. This focused on piece of the overall industry normal intrigue, for example, leisure activities, taste in motion pictures, and games they play. 63% of the family arranged People that extend from 33-44 have in any event one kid, 51% have a house hold of in any event four individuals. The essential market is Low salary â€Middle Class, $30-60k whether in the City or Suburbs. Redbox targets individuals with similar inspirations and desires carrying on with an agreeable existence with bunches of family security. That thinks about budgetary security, wellbeing, social manners, time, and trust. Their way of life is marginally traditionalist and antiquated. With regards to training levels 43 percent of Redbox target advertise goes to individuals with an advanced education. 44 percent goes to individuals without one and 12 percent goes to understudy in graduate projects. Redbox’s optional objective market is gamers. The age bunch incorporates the individuals of the ages of 18-34 with the training levels of understudies and graduates. The sort of salary they would need to make is white collar class so that would be an aggregate of around $50-100k. It is focused by the Y age living in a city territory. Redbox’s inspiration is to have a feeling of achievements and social acknowledgment. They care about the social inclusion, attempting new things, being productive and advancing. Redbox are likewise ready to investigate the new media and improve in innovation also. With regards to the item, on the grounds that Redbox doesn't have an excessive number of games to look over, the item use is low and is rental incidentally to none. The advantages of leasing games from the case are modest, accommodation, simple and brisk. Presently and days there are such a large number of various sorts of game stations like the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and a lot more and the more refreshed your framework is the more costly the games are. Wal-Mart is a decent spot to purchase games at the least expensive cost conceivable when another game comes out however more often than not when a game is obsolete that is the point at which you need to go to GameStop, where the games are costly. At GameStop it is conceivable to purchase and exchange games however a great deal of times they don't give you a decent arrangement for your exchanged game. That is the point at which the formation of Gamefly was developed and gave gamers more decisions, better costs and simpler approaches to getting games for each PlayStation out there. Redbox perceived how effective Gamefly was and chosen to give them a run for their cash. Not at all like Gamefly, with Redbox there are no shrouded charges and no participation, accordingly you don't need to pay month to month for games and the game rental are modest. One thing about Redbox, tragically, is the way that they don't have such a large number of motion pictures to look over which can truly be bothering to a genuine gamer.

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3 Books By Funny Women

3 Books By Funny Women You guys. YOU GUYS.  This is occasion for unbridled giddiness over three books that are coming out this fall three memoirs by three actresses that are pretty much going to send me into binge-reading weekends where my wife is not allowed to speak to me. This fall will be characterized by funny women with books. At least at my house. So lets get into the details. Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness  by Danielle Fishel Release Date:  September 9, 2014 So you guys know how Im into  Boy Meets World, right? Im a longtime fan of Danielle Fishels, and a lot of us grew up watching her on  Boy Meets World.  I cant tell you the number of disappointing conversations I had with hair stylists in my teen years when I would bring a photo of Topanga Lawrence and say, Make my hair look like this. (I would suffer similar disappointment when I brought in pictures of Meg Ryan.) Fishel has written a memoir that promises to be funny and heart-warming, offering behind-the-scenes looks at red carpet mishaps, dating (mis)adventures, and the general awkwardness that comes in life. In an interview for  Entertainment Weekly, Fishel said    â€œLife is an incredible, and often embarrassing, journey and I can’t wait to share my experiences in  Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern.  Get ready to laugh with me (or at me â€" that’s okay, too!).”   Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What Shes Learned  by Lena Dunham Release Date:  September 30, 2014 Lena Dunhams collection of personal essays promises wit, comedy, and brutal, occasionally uncomfortable, honesty.  Already being compared to Tina Fey, David Sedaris, and Nora Ephron, Lena Dunham is filling a tall order of poignancy and comedy. But this writer-actress-director-producer-wunderkind seems equal to the challenge. In Dunhams own words, No, I am not a sexpert, a psychologist, or a dietician. I am not a mother of three or the owner of a successful hosiery franchise. But I am a girl with a keen interest in having it all, and what follows are hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.” Yes Please  by Amy Poehler Release Date:  October 28, 2014 Whether on SNL,  Parks and Recreation, or hosting an awards show with fellow funny woman with a book, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler is one seriously funny lady, and in her first book, she gives us personal stories on both comedy and seriousness, love and friendship and parenthood and sex. Ive known this thing was coming out since BookCon, and Im like, OMG, why is October so far away? The waiting! Poehler has characterized her book as a  missive from the middle of my life, an attempt to describe what its like to feel young and old at the same time.  And after the years that shes spent making us laugh on television, I can only imagine that her book will provide the same kind of smart humor weve come to expect. ____________________ Expand your literary horizons with New Books!, a weekly newsletter spotlighting 3-5 exciting new releases, hand-picked by our very own Liberty Hardy. Sign up now!   Sign up for True Story to receive nonfiction news, new releases, and must-read forthcoming titles. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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Brave New World and Individual Freedom - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 652 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/05/13 Category Literature Essay Level High school Topics: Brave New World Essay Did you like this example? Published in 1932, Aldous Huxley wrote the fictional Brave New World. Huxley uses a utopian world with characters of different social statuses to portray what would happen to an individuals freedom when those in power, such as the Government, have the ability to misuse science as well as change societies thoughts. Huxley uses different characters to portray issues of human sexuality that we can even see today. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Brave New World and Individual Freedom" essay for you Create order He shows how these issues on sexuality are formed by the pressures on a society whose sex is controlled by those of higher power as a means of stability for mass consumption and power. Huxley tries to connect this to our world by showing how tragedy follows a society when our basic human rights are taken away and our perception is altered to the point that we no longer portray our emotions. The New World society is shown to be entirely controlled by the World State. Huxley shows how they are able to genetically engineer people by explaining the bottling room where babies rather born by conception are mass produced chemically in a laboratory type setting. Conditioning is essential as it will determine the jobs and social status they will be placed in depending on their chemical levels of strength and intelligence. Huxley shows how the World State conditions everyone through shock therapy and hypnopaedia. The greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time (Huxley, 2014, pg. 25), in order for the individuals to be prepared to live in a certain class of the caste system; that is the secret of happiness and virtue liking what youve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny. (Huxley, 2014, pg.13-14). The World State uses these forms of conditioning to eliminate all emotions as well as change peoples thinking in order to keep a stable, functioning society. No pains have been spared to make your lives emotionally easy to preserve you, so far as that is possible, from having emotions at all (Huxley, 2014, pg. 40). The World State also tries to ensure that all individuals stay happy by conditioning them to believe that everybody belongs to everybody else (Huxley, 2014, pg. 108), meaning, they are conditioned to be sexually active with as much as they want with as many partners as they want; the World State knows that sex can be equal to happiness, and happiness is equal to stability. Huxley, shows a type of conditioning called erotic play where children are taught from a young age to engage with each other in a sexual manner; this little boy seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play. Id noticed it once or twice before. And now again to-day (Huxley, 2014, pg. 28) This is so that they can instill in them from a young age to learn the behaviors of sex, so they may engage at a young age in order to find happiness. but sterile. Guaranteed sterile (Huxley, 2014, pg. 10). The World State has the power to make the decision to sterilize some women for the intent for them to not conceiv e, and for those not sterile they provide birth control and abortions as a means of contraception since they still need eggs for their mass consumption. One of the characters Lenina, is shown as one of the conditioned citizens of the World State. She has be conditioned to be like the rest of society to have no feelings of love, or any other emotions and uses her sexuality as means to feel happiness just like other citizens in the World State. Huxley also introduces us to John Savage, another character, to portray the only person different from the rest because he has a mother whose name is Linda. Since he was conceived, he was never conditioned by the World State and experiences all the emotions of fear, love, passion and read books on Shakespeare to learn of how sexuality was portrayed and used in the past.

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How Culture Defines the Organization Campus Christian...

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. Although it seems first impressions of other people are quite accurate, it can be misleading in cases such as in organizations and clubs. Many organizations are associated with stereotypes which could be the sole reason that contributes to the ‘first impression’. Church-based organizations such as Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) have stereotypes; many of which are negative. Yet, actually participating in the organization, many will find the culture of the organization has a very pleasant aura that exposes some stereotypes that were ‘assigned’ to the organization are not true at all. CCF is an organization that is not restricted to a specific religious denomination and serving on the campuses of four colleges in North Carolina. The purpose of CCF is to â€Å"make disciples on campus who impact the world.† The culture of CFF greatly helps achieve the purpose in different ways. Because of the a larming number of stereotypes of church-based organizations, CCF refutes many misconceptions by managing the stereotypes by the aspects of their culture such as beliefs, traditions and behaviors. A part of the culture of CCF is to go to Bible studies on Mondays and going to Overflow, which is a branch of CCF, on Wednesdays. In Bible studies, male and female students on campus actively study Scripture and have reflections of the words of God. In Overflow, members of CFF and other interested students praise and worship God and discuss

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Respecting Elders Free Essays

Respecting my elders, and everyone else, just comes natural to me, because when I was just a little girl, I was taught that I must always respect my elders, if I didn’t, I’d get a slap on my face by my parents. As I grew up, I came to realize the true meaning of the phrase, â€Å"respect your elders,† and I agree fully with my mother’s teachings. I not only respected my elders, but I respected everyone around me. We will write a custom essay sample on Respecting Elders or any similar topic only for you Order Now When I had my children, I taught them the same way my parents taught me, on how to respect their elders, and why. I never had any problems teaching my children how to respect, not only their elders, but how to respect everyone. We need to keep up with the tradition of respect, because so many people are so ignorant with each other, I’d just turn away because I know if I stay and listen, I’ll say something to these little devils for being so mean to anyone and everyone. My son, now has a son that is 11 years old, and if he is caught making fun of anyone, then he has his father to answer[pic] to, and is made to apologize to the person that he has made fun of, whether it be another child or a grownup. Respect is something that has slipped through the cracks of time, and I think it is time to bring it back into our youth. These young people today are so rude to everyone, not just their elders around them, that I’d like to smack them myself, and I don’t even know them from Adam. It just makes me so mad to see how some of the elderly are treated today, and I don’t know what to do about it, but is sure makes me sick. For our young children to respect anyone they have to be taught right from the start, when they are growing up. It’s not something that can be taught after they are grown up, because they have never learned the meaning of the word respect. It so sad, that in today’s society, you see some of the things that are going on with everybody, not only our elderly, but anyone around them. There is no respect in this world today and that’s just so sad. I treat everyone with respect, even though I know they don’t respect me most of the time, but that’s OK, I feel better when I respect others, even if they don’t. Created on: May 02, 2008 Our elders have gone through a lot in their lifetime. I think it is important to respect our elders because they have experienced life and gone through a lot more than we have. I think history has shown that we are a successful, rich country. I don’t think we would have the freedom and the respect from other countries if it weren’t for our elders and their sacrifice to get us where we are today. I respect my grandfather because he was captured and taken to a concentration camp during World War II. My grandfather escaped from a camp, ran into the woods and went into hiding for a year. My grandfather is one of the lucky Jews that survived because he had the will to live. Why shouldn’t he be respected? I respect my parents because they are the ones that brought me in this world and have taken care of me until I was able to take care of myself. I personally have a lot of respect for my parents because they did a lot for me over the years. I wouldn’t have the education without them. They got me where I am today and I am sure it wasn’t easy[pic] for them. I believe they deserve thanks for everything they have done for me and thus deserve my respect. The idea of the importance of respecting our elders raised many questions in my mind. Do most even know what respect is? Wikipedia defines respect as taking into consideration the views and desires of others and incorporating it into your decisions and being truthful to people. Why shouldn’t we respect anyone? I think everyone should be respected unless given a reason not to be. When you meet someone for the first time are you disrespectful? No. Why should you be? I think everyone deserves a chance and once you get to know the person you can decide based on your own values whether or not you should respect them. I have a lot of younger cousins that respect me because I am older and know more about life than they do. I don’t think elders should be singled out and immediately respected because they are older. Why shouldn’t respect go both ways? I think my friends respect me because I respect them. I think it is important to understand what respect is and understand what your elders have gone through to get where we are today. I think everyone deserves the same amount of respect unless given a reason to be disrespected. Quotes: â€Å"In Western Civilization, our elders are books. â€Å"The Elders were closer to the Maker of All Things and should be deferred to whenever they made their will known. † 2 paragraphs The elderly have lived long lives. They are so important in our lives because of this. The longer that one has lived, the more of a life they have to share with others. The elderly have much to contribute to this world. Most already have contributed while others wil l soon be contributing their best as time goes by. Even the elderly are still learning. It has been said that you learn something new every day, and that is just why even the elderly are still learning. They have much wisdom to share with the world, even if they have just learned it themselves. Learning It really does not matter what your age is. Everyone every day is learning. We learn from both the young and from the old. The young are so precious, and they often inspire us even in the simplest ways. They really have not experienced much yet in the way of living, but they sure can bring up things that we have never even thought of before. They can teach us all sorts of behaviors and help us to change our attitudes in our lives. The elderly, however, are so important in our daily lives, because we can learn much from their actual experiences. They have lived long lives, and have experienced many things worth sharing with us that can help us to improve our daily lives. We can even learn things through the elderly that will help us to get along with others much easier, get over things more quickly, respect others, and even enjoy looking at things in a more positive manner. Trials The elderly are so important in our lives, because they have gone through many trials. The longer that anyone has lived, the more trials that they have gone through in their lives. It is hard to accept trials in our lives, but they do exist. The elderly are more than willing to share their past experiences with us. They are actually happy to do this. The elderly have learned where they may have gone wrong in life along with things that they are very proud of the choices that they have made. Spending time with the elderly is one of the best and most exciting things that you can do these days. They can help us with many aspects in our own lives. The elderly can even help us to avoid many trials in our lives through their many words of wisdom. Sharing Elderly people in our lives are so important, because they enjoy sharing with us. Elderly people sincerely enjoy sharing all sorts of things in their lives. As people age, sharing becomes more and more important to them. As you age, you realize that you have gone through numerous experiences of all kinds that are worthy of helping others to get through their experiences. As the elderly share more and more, they enjoy it more and more. It is always a great feeling to know that your simple words can be helping others. The elderly also have many items along with valuable treasures that they enjoy sharing. As they grow older, they no longer have the need for many things in their lives. They love having the opportunity of passing these precious things in their lives onto others and sharing their joy along with their stories. Loving The elderly people in our lives are so important to us, because they are very loving people. Elderly people are very loving, caring, and thankful people. As we age, we all learn to enjoy the better things in life. Better things, as in more important things and things that really matter. Elderly people normally grow more loving and caring as they age. They grow more thankful of even the simplest things. Elderly grow to appreciate life much more than anything. Elderly people are so precious and enjoyable. Many of the elderly are also quite funny. Look at the elderly people in your life, and listen to them. This will surely bring you a new healthy and positive look on life. How to cite Respecting Elders, Essay examples

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John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer Essay Example

John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer Paper Both F. Scott Fitzgeralds Great Gatsby and John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer contain significant criticisms on American society but they present and explore this in different ways. Manhattan Transfer is comprised of snapshots of life, it has three sections and in the first one we are introduced to at least twenty characters. It does not focus on any one specific life or subject. The Great Gatsby is a continuing story of the lives of a small group of upper class Americans and their part in society. Not only is it interesting to consider the ways that the two writers differ in their approach to criticising society, it is interesting to examine the affects that these different styles have on the reader. One of the main themes that are prevalent in both stories is the criticism of societys obsession with wealth and status. Fitzgerald explores this theme through the unfolding of the lives of his characters and their attitudes towards each other. We are told that Daisy refuses to marry J. Gatsby despite being in love with him, [He] was poor and she was tired of waiting. We will write a custom essay sample on John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on John Dos Passoss Manhattan Transfer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Instead she marries Tom Buchanan, A man full of pomp and circumstance who could afford to give her a string of pearls valued at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars the day before her wedding. Through getting to know Daisy we discover that this choice has led her to having a very bad time and being trapped in an unhappy marriage with an unfaithful husband. Daisy says of her daughter that she hopes she is a fool implying that the fact that she used her head when making a decision for marriage has not given her happiness. Despite her words at the end of the novel Daisy makes the decision to stay with Tom even after the love affair with Gatsby has been rekindled. It is clear that Tom can offer her the status that Gatsby never can, he is an aristocrat that belongs in fashionable East Egg, whereas Gatsby, however much money he makes cannot escape the fact that he will always be viewed by upper class society as Mr Nobody from Nowhere. Dos Passos shows societies importance of wealth in more brief observational ways, there are instances of characters forfeiting love in order to form relationships for money and status again. Relationships in this story appear to be more business like than for love, we see Emile whos headed to the city in pursuit of wealth attach himself to Madame Rigaud a business owner under the guise of love. Ellen sees marriage also as a way in which to better herself financially, her comments on marriage relay that love is not her main concern and other characters in the story comment on this, Why that girld marry a trollycar if she thought she could get anything by it. A notable difference of the two novels is the familiarity of the characters, While the criticism of Fitzgerald stems from the unhappiness that can be brought about by placing wealth over love, Dos Passos shows us far less consequences but many more examples of the willingness of people to enter a relationship for money and status. We almost read of the relationships as business deals as apposed to examining the inner workings of a relationship. The result of this technique is one of shock for the reader of the cold-hearted money driven nature of society. Both Manhattan Transfer and the Great Gatsby comment on the weight given to appearance in New York society. Right from the opening of Manhattan Transfer the reader is presented with how vital it is to look the part in order to succeed. The only job seeking advice given to Bud is to go and git a shave and a haircut and brush the hey seeds out o yer suit abit before you start lookin' because its looks that count in this city. Appearance is also of great importance in The Great Gatsby when playing the role of an upper class citizen.

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Most Common Plastics

Most Common Plastics Below are five of the most common plastics used for different applications along with their properties, uses and trade names. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Polyethylene Terephthalate- PET or PETE- is a durable thermoplastic that shows tough resistance to chemicals, high energy radiation, moisture, weather, wear, and abrasion. This clear or pigmented plastic is available with trade names such as: Ertalyte TX, Sustadur PET, TECADUR PET, Rynite, Unitep PET, Impet, Nuplas, Zellamid ZL 1400, Ensitep, Petlon, and Centrolyte. PET is a general purpose plastic that is made by polycondensation of PTA with ethylene glycol (EG). PET is commonly used for making soft drink and water bottles, salad trays, salad dressing containers, peanut butter containers, medicine jars, biscuit trays, rope, bean bags, and combs. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a semi flexible to hard plastic that can be easily processed by catalytic polymerization of ethylene in slurry, solution, or gas phase reactors. It is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and any sort of impact but cannot stand temperatures exceeding 160 degrees C. HDPE is naturally in the opaque state but can be colored to any requirement. HDPE products can be safely used for storing food and drinks and so it is used for shopping bags, freezer bags, milk bottles, ice cream containers, and juice bottles. It is also used for shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap bottles, detergents, bleaches, and agricultural pipes. HDPE is available under trade names of HiTec, Playboard, King Colorboard, Paxon, Densetec, King PlastiBal, Polystone, and Plexar.   Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is present in both rigid and flexible forms as unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride PVC-U and Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride PCV-P. PVC can be obtained from ethylene and salt by vinyl chloride polymerization. PVC is resistant to fires because of its high chlorine content and is also resistant to oils and chemicals except aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and cyclic ethers. PVC is durable and can withstand aggressive environmental factors. PVC-U is used for plumbing pipes and fittings, wall cladding, roof sheeting, cosmetic containers, bottles, window frames, and door frames. PVC-P is commonly used for cable sheathing, blood bags, blood tubing, watch straps, garden hoses, and shoe soles. PVC is commonly available under trade names of Apex, Geon, Vekaplan, Vinika, Vistel, and Vythene. Polypropylene (PP) Polypropylene (PP) is a strong yet flexible plastic that can withstand high temperatures up to 200 degrees C. PP is manufactured from propylene gas in presence of a catalyst such as titanium chloride. Being a lightweight material, PP has high tensile strength and is highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and moisture. Polypropylene is used to make dip bottles and ice cream tubs, margarine tubs, potato chip bags, straws, microwave meal trays, kettles, garden furniture, lunch boxes, prescription bottles, and blue packing tape. It is available under trade names such as Valtec, Valmax, Vebel, Verplen, Vylene, Oleplate and Pro-Fax. Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is soft and flexible as compared to HDPE. Low Density Polyethylene shows good chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties. At low temperatures, it shows high impact strength. LDPE is compatible with most foods and household chemicals and acts as a poor oxygen barrier. Because it has very high elongation as a result of its molecular structure, LDPE is used in stretch wraps. This translucent plastic is mainly used for plastic food wrap, garbage bags, sandwich bags, squeeze bottles, black irrigation tubes, garbage bins, and plastic grocery bags. Low density polyethylene is made from the polymerization of ethylene in an autoclave or tubular reactors at very high pressures. LDPE is available in the market under the following trade names: Venelene, Vickylen, Dowlex, and Flexomer.

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Can You Take the SAT in College

Can You Take the SAT in College SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips For many students, the SAT is one of the biggest stressors to comeup during high school. Few anticipate, though, that it may still be a concern during college. Occasionally, however,you might find that you need new SATscores after high school. So can you take the SAT in college? Yes, you absolutely can. There is no regulation that forbids it. In fact, the College Board's website specifically discusses non-high school testers. This article will discuss why you might need to take the test as a college student and coversome solid information about that process- and what makes it both unique and challenging. 2 Common Reasons to Take the SAT in College The SAT isn't a ton of fun. Why would yousubject yourselfto it when you're already in college? Well, actually, there are a few reasons youmay need to take the SAT in college. Applying for Jobs or Scholarships More and more job applications are requiring test scores, and there are scholarships out there for people who score within a certain range. Usually, high school scores serve for these purposes, but not everyone takes the test in high school. Thus, aneed to take the test later arises. It's important torealize that every company and every organization is different. You must adhere to the policies ofthese individual companies and organizations if you want them to take you seriously. Do your research, and, if you can't find the answer on the internet, make sure you call or email for clarification. The hope is that you'll get a message like this the moment a companysee your scores. Transferring Schools The most commonreason that you may need to take the SAT in college is if you are seeking to transfer schools. It's immensely importantfor anyone thinking about transferring to do research into the specific requirements of the school in question. A good place to start would be to read our complete guide to how test scores play into a transfer. Many schools require test scores from potential transfers. Some have different requirementsif you transfer in your first or second year versusif you transfer later on. This is very specific to the school. Some schools recommend including test scores under certain circumstances, but not others- this is often related to how soon after high school you began your college career. Some schools ask for test scores but permit exceptions for those who never took the SAT in high school or for whom taking the SAT now would be unduly difficult. Still other schools are test-optional or test-blind. In other words, they don't require scores. At test-optional schools, you can send scores if you wish, and at test-blind schools, your scoreswill not be considered under any circumstance. This applies to both transfer students and applicants goinginto college for the first time. It may be worthwhile to read our complete guide on the topic. All this goes to show that colleges are all a little bit different. Know the policy of the school you're applying to. The first place to check for this information is on the college's website. Many have a special page covering transfers, which you can find through the admissions or application page. If you can't find the specifics you're looking for on the website, though, there's nothing wrong with emailing a contact person at the school for clarification. Ideally, you should write to someone in the admissions department (as listed on the college's website). Failing that, though, give the college a call- a phone number for their offices should definitely be listed. Yes, that's right: make a real, old-fashioned phone call. Logistics of Taking the SAT in College There are quite a few hoops to jump through when it comes to taking the test, regardless of whether you're in high school or college. It's important to know what you're getting into. How to Register You can register online or by mail. This will involve answering a number of questions about basic personal information, courses taken, etc., as well as submitting a photograph of yourself. It's a good idea to get familiar with the process before you dive right into it. Where You Can Take It You'll be taking the SAT at one of the same test centers as all the local high school students. When you register online, you can easily search for and select the most convenient option. You may have some options; you may be able to choose a location such as a local university or communitycollege campus. Regardless, you will be taking the test with high school students. Choose the test center where you'll feel most comfortable. What's Different Taking It Now Logistically, the big differences are the more stringent requirements when it comes to identification and the difficulty of getting on the waitlist. You should also note that this is age-based; college students younger than 21 don't need to sweat these differences. If you're 21 years old (or older), a student ID is unacceptable identification on test day. You must bring official, government-issued identification, such as a driver's license or passport. Also, if you're 21 years old (or older), you simply cannot be placed on the waitlist. It's impossible, by the College Board's decree. The moral of the story, then, is to register on time and avoid the issue altogether. Additionally, you should be aware that the SAT recently underwent a complete overhaul. If you're in college now, you likely took the SAT on the 2400-scale (if you did take it). We're now on a 1600-scale. The essay is technically optional, though advisable in most cases. Some content has been redesigned, abandoned, or added.Sentence completion questions, asking you to define vocab with minimal or no context, are gone. Trigonometry, on the other hand, now makes an appearance. The essay no longer asks you to argue an opinion but to analyze a passage. In short, it's not quite the test you may remember. Advice for Testers in College Remember that the SAT tests high school topics, not college topics. Don't be fooled into thinkingthat means it's very basic or somehow below you; itdoesn't necessarily make matters easier. There are likely to be a few fundamental concepts that you've gotten rusty on. This may be especially true depending on your major. If you haven't taken any math classes in college, you may have forgotten certain exponent rules or whether47 is a prime number. In other words, even though the topics may not be college-level,per se, you still need to prepare. C'mon, it won't bethat miserable. 3 Key Tips for SAT Prep in College Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of taking some time to prepare for this test. #1: Familiarize Yourself With the SAT's Specific Style Oddly enough, the SAT tends to reward pretty literal thinking on reading and writing (don't stray far from what the textactually says), while it rewards fairly creative thinking on math (be prepared to move expressions around into novel configurations). #2: Dust Off Rusty Topics Some of the material on the SAT may feel ancient and unfamiliar. This will not do; you've got to get handy with this content. There are many helpful resources out there, but don't forget that practice makes perfect. From full-length practice tests to individual practice problems, dive into experiencing the content firsthand. #3: Consider Your Schedule and Your Needs For many people, college is a very busy season of life. From gruelingclasses, to vibrant social events, to extracurricular commitments, things tend to move at a fast pace. Nonetheless, you still need to prepare before taking the SAT. So, start your preparationprogram well ahead of the test date. Consult your calendar (and syllabi) before committing to a specific test date. You definitelydon't want to wind up taking the SAT the weekend before/after a major exam or project. You don't want to overbook yourself. Conclusion In this guide, we've covered some basics regarding why to take the SAT in college and how to get that ball rolling. While there are a few definite differences versus taking the test in high school, the fundamentals are basically the same. Logistically, the process is almost identical. You'll be at the same sort of test center, and you'll register the same way. All the same rules and regulations apply, only you will need official government-issued identification and you can't get on the waiting list(depending on your age). You will still need to prepare, just like any high school student. Don't dismiss this step- it's crucial. In fact, give yourself extra time, considering how busy college can get. What's Next? The big question is how to prepare for the test. Remember that it's not quite like it was when you were in high school, and take a peek at our complete guide to studying for the test (revisions and all). If you're shooting for a perfect score, there are a few tips that can really boost your chances- including the simple advice of viewing all questions as analytical. There are some great resources out there, such as those created by the College Board's officiallyendorsed resource, Khan Academy. However, Khan Academy will never be enough- learn why. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points?We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads Research Paper

Installation of Cameras on Highways and Roads - Research Paper Example The rationale behind the enforcement of this project is to reduce the number of accidents casualties, particularly at accident black spots (Marcus Nieto, 1997). A speed camera or a traffic enforcement camera is a camera mounted on roads and highways, to monitor traffic movements on the motorway. These cameras are highly sophisticated to be able to read vehicle registration numbers in case of Highway Code violations. The cameras are able to detect the speed of a moving vehicle, and if found to be overspeeding, a call is then made to police patrol vehicles that are waiting nearby. Speed enforcement cameras are highly effective tools for discouraging speeding and consequently, reducing road accidents. Point-to-point speed cameras, for example, calculate the average speed of a moving vehicle over a stretch of the road or highway and discourage motorists from the habit of speeding up then slowing down near fixed safety cameras to avoid detection. Red light cameras are cameras that are connected to traffic signals and sensors buried at the stop line or the crosswalk. The cameras are highly effective in identifying traffic light violators by continuously monitoring the traffic signals. The red light cameras are especially useful in cities, where they enforce traffic regulations by automatically taking photos of vehicles whose drivers run the red lights. The red light cameras rely heavily on the sensors buried under the stop line, to enforce the traffic laws. The cameras are triggered when vehicles pass over the sensors at a specified time after the traffic lights turn red, and above a pre-set minimum speed. The photograph shows the vehicle of the red light violator at the intersection. The red light camera records the time elapsed since the commencement of the red light, the time, date and vehicle speed.

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Identity among American Indians Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Identity among American Indians - Essay Example outdated practice as the quantum blood policy can be seen not only as a way for the federal government to reduce the number of Indians who are dependent on its support but also as a way of eventually forcing the dissolution of Indian tribal groupings in time and the eventual assimilation into the mainstream American way of life. In reality, the majority, if not all, the current Indians can be said to be of mixed blood to a certain degree. Miscegenation between European settlers and Indians began within the first century of European arrival in North America and has continued since then to modern times. Moreover, as the other racial groups came to America, they also inevitably mixed with the Indians. In the 2000 census more than 1.6 million American Indians reported descent from two or more races and at the beginning of the twenty first century, at least 40% of American Indians were of mixed blood. The lives of Indians is always complicated by the non Indian opinion of how the Indians should look and act because they are often envisioned as noble savages and are expected to look and act just the way their ancestors did during the time of the Pilgrims at Plymouth or as they are depicted in books and movies. What most people in America do not realize is that the Indians have developed and adapted to the modern world just as they themselves have and that their cultures today are not so different to be distinguishable. It is a fact that many of them live and work in the urban areas of America and that they are so well assimilated that it would be very hard to actually recognize them to be phenotypic Indians. A large number of Indians are marrying outside their own communities and in doing so, the number of mixed race Indians has also increased dramatically. This brings us... Some Indians identify very strongly with their native cultures and actively participate in them while others are all for the abandonment of their culture and see the adoption of mainstream American culture as the only way to secure their future. There are others who take a stand in the middle believing that the best course is to adopt the best from both Indian and American cultures and use them as a basis for their future. The majority of those who support the latter are mixed blood Indians who tend to identify with both cultures but are unable to comfortably fit within either culture. Most of the young unemployed Indians in the reservations would prefer to abandon their culture and go to the cities where they feel that there are better opportunities for them than in the reservations. There are however some Indians who have experienced mainstream American culture and have not found it to be fulfilling. This has led to their rediscovery of their native culture and their participation in it which has filled a void within them. In conclusion, it is my opinion that the current means of identifying and determining who can be considered an Indian and who cannot should be changed. It is my belief that all people with Indian blood, however minimal should be identified as an Indian because doing otherwise as it is being done today is very discriminatory. It should be remembered that no race in the world, whether red, black, white, or yellow, is genetically pure because over the ages, racial mixing has been inevitable.

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Macbeth Descent into Madness in Shakespeares Macbeth Essay -- essays

Macbeth’s Descent Into Madness In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the character Macbeth descends into madness. Macbeth’s descent into madness first started with the witch’s prediction. If he had never met the witches none of this trouble would have occurred. Macbeth is seen as a â€Å"valiant cousin, worthy gentleman† (I, ii, 24). He is a brave warrior who is well respected in his community, until the witches prophesied to him that he would one day be king (I, iii, 50). Macbeth interprets that he must act to fulfill the prophecy. He sends a letter to lady Macbeth asking what to do. She suggests that he should kill Duncan. Macbeth follows the plan and kills Duncan (II, ii, 15). Directly following the murder Macbeth can no longer say amen (II, iii, 31-33). Macbeth also hears a voice in his head say, â€Å"sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep†(II, ii, 35, 36). For the rest of the play Macbeth suffers from insomnia. When Macbeth pretends to be surprised by Duncan’s death he says, â€Å" Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had lived a blessed time, for, from this instant, there’s nothing serious in mortality. (II, iii, 92-95) he is saying that if he had died before he murdered Duncan he would have li ved a great life, but now that he’s committed murder, life is just a game and nothing is important anymore. These are suicidal thoughts and show how his grip on reality has greatly slipped. Macbeth shows signs of serious mental deterioration when he sees a dagger appear before him, but doesn’t understand if it’s real or not (II, i, 35-40), later on in his speech he says his other senses made his eyes look foolish or they are the only trustworthy senses (II, I, 44-46) Macbeth shows more signs of descent when he says Duncan is luc... ...herself, Seyton delivers the news to Macbeth. Macbeth is very calm when he hears the news and doesn’t seem to mind. Macbeth says that she would have died sooner or later (V, v, 17-23) After Macbeth hears that Birnam wood is moving towards him, he wants to go out fighting. He attacks and kills Young Siward in a desperate attempt to save him from the fate the witches predicted (V, vii, 11-12). He also orders all his soldiers to attack the wood (macduff’s soldiers, V, vii, 46-53) and he fights Macduff but Macduff says he was born by a c-section and not by a woman (V, vii, 41-45) Macbeth fights to the death but is beheaded by Macduff as the witches said he would. (V, vii, 82-83) In conclusion, through my quotations and explanations I have shown Macbeth’s descent into madness. It was his guilt and ambition overall that sent him in a downward spiral into madness. Macbeth Descent into Madness in Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay -- essays Macbeth’s Descent Into Madness In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the character Macbeth descends into madness. Macbeth’s descent into madness first started with the witch’s prediction. If he had never met the witches none of this trouble would have occurred. Macbeth is seen as a â€Å"valiant cousin, worthy gentleman† (I, ii, 24). He is a brave warrior who is well respected in his community, until the witches prophesied to him that he would one day be king (I, iii, 50). Macbeth interprets that he must act to fulfill the prophecy. He sends a letter to lady Macbeth asking what to do. She suggests that he should kill Duncan. Macbeth follows the plan and kills Duncan (II, ii, 15). Directly following the murder Macbeth can no longer say amen (II, iii, 31-33). Macbeth also hears a voice in his head say, â€Å"sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep†(II, ii, 35, 36). For the rest of the play Macbeth suffers from insomnia. When Macbeth pretends to be surprised by Duncan’s death he says, â€Å" Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had lived a blessed time, for, from this instant, there’s nothing serious in mortality. (II, iii, 92-95) he is saying that if he had died before he murdered Duncan he would have li ved a great life, but now that he’s committed murder, life is just a game and nothing is important anymore. These are suicidal thoughts and show how his grip on reality has greatly slipped. Macbeth shows signs of serious mental deterioration when he sees a dagger appear before him, but doesn’t understand if it’s real or not (II, i, 35-40), later on in his speech he says his other senses made his eyes look foolish or they are the only trustworthy senses (II, I, 44-46) Macbeth shows more signs of descent when he says Duncan is luc... ...herself, Seyton delivers the news to Macbeth. Macbeth is very calm when he hears the news and doesn’t seem to mind. Macbeth says that she would have died sooner or later (V, v, 17-23) After Macbeth hears that Birnam wood is moving towards him, he wants to go out fighting. He attacks and kills Young Siward in a desperate attempt to save him from the fate the witches predicted (V, vii, 11-12). He also orders all his soldiers to attack the wood (macduff’s soldiers, V, vii, 46-53) and he fights Macduff but Macduff says he was born by a c-section and not by a woman (V, vii, 41-45) Macbeth fights to the death but is beheaded by Macduff as the witches said he would. (V, vii, 82-83) In conclusion, through my quotations and explanations I have shown Macbeth’s descent into madness. It was his guilt and ambition overall that sent him in a downward spiral into madness.

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American Intervention in Soviet-Afghan War Essay

During the Cold War, the United States resolved to take a shot at the Soviet Union by siding with Afghanistan and taking great measures to stop Soviet influence and communist ideology. In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to expand its influence in the Middle East with the absence of American influence. At this point in the Cold War the United States and Soviet Union were more or less at the climax of their dilemma, so the U. S. therefore decided to get involved by fortifying Afghan’s primary rebellious group, the mujahidin. The United States jeopardized homeland security by providing significant support to mujahidin revolutionaries, and in doing so the U. S. helped them hinder Soviet rule over Afghanistan. There are plenty of reasons ratifying America’s lack of foresight and prudence, one being that the state of the Soviet Union was not great as it was. One should take into consideration that the Soviet Union was already in a drastic decline when the United States began to intercede in Soviet-Afghan affairs. Benjamin Frankel, an esteemed writer who wrote an article for History in Dispute, described how there was a prolonged controversy in the Soviet Union on the topic of how to proceed with communist policies (14). Secondly, America already expressed its hard-line policy toward the USSR in a more detrimental way. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan established the Strategic Defense Initiative to protect the U. S. from potential ballistic missile attacks by the Soviet Union. In total, as the ABC-Clio database prescribes in paragraph ten of â€Å"Cold War, 1945-1991†, the USSR spent approximately $80 billion on the Soviet-Afghan War. The fall of the USSR was hastened by its lofty spending on the unnecessary cause. Similar to the economic problems in the Soviet Union, the United States’ actions concerning Soviet-Afghan affairs inflicted great burdens upon the U. S. economy. The United States wasted a substantial amount of money in order to aid mujahidin rebels so they could counteract their Soviet oppressors, but received no compensation in return. As an unknown author from Mount Holyoke College estimates in â€Å"Origins of the Taliban†, the United States lost about $3 billion just on funding these covert ops. The mujahidin and Afghanistan as a whole provided little in return. The mujahidin, for one, only used America for what it provided and discarded the country once transactions were complete. Also, Afghanistan contained insufficient natural resources compared to its Middle-Eastern counterparts. In addition to this action’s negative impact on the U. S. economy, it was also unjustified by the United States’ failure in persuading Afghans to convert to its political viewpoints. The United States did not spread democracy or even impede the Soviet Union’s communist influence on Afghanistan. Instead of acting how it did, the United States should have allowed Afghanistan to develope itself and figure out its own problems to an extent. One sign of progression in the country occurred in the mid-2000s when Afghanistan held its first presidential election. For example, Canada has benefitted by having the foreign policy of isolationism. Shifting back to the mujahidin, Benjamin Frankel describes it, stating, â€Å"Once they helped to push the Soviets out of Afghanistan, they turned their attention to the hated ‘infidel’ West and its ‘satanic’ leader, the United States† (16). Benjamin Frankel went on to speak of how the Afghans were apathetic toward the message of democracy, while they already disdained the ideology of communism (16). These reasons explain why the two parties never became allies and split ways once the Soviets withdrew in 1989. Sometime in the midst of the United States attempting to spread democracy in Afghanistan, the Jimmy Carter regime passed an embargo on wheat and corn against Russia as another attempt to burden the Soviet Union. The Russian Grain Embargo, enacted in 1980, had a negative financial impact on American farmers. This act was drawn up to reciprocate the past ongoing tensions between the United States and Soviet Union which heightened when the United States began to help the mujahidin in 1979. On the subject of U. S. and USSR trade, representative George McGovern stated at a 1980 Senate hearing in paragraph ten on the Annals of American History database that agricultural produce took up 75% of their trade. With this lack of trade, the USSR and U.  S. each deeply suffered. As a result of the Russian Grain Embargo, prices on a bushel of wheat dropped 50? and prices for a bushel of corn dropped 30?. As McGovern later proclaims to the senate in his speech in paragraph nineteen, projected numbers â€Å"do not take into consideration the tremendous increase in cost of production for crop year 1980 for farmers, coupled by depressed markets. † This act, indirectly associated with rising tensions also causing the U. S. to fortify the mujahidin, made live very hard for farmers. The Russian Grain Embargo left a great mark on agrarian society in both the United States and the Soviet Union, but moreso in the U. S. This statement demonstrates the irony behind the embargo. The harm done to the USSR was substantial, though. One may say that the Russian Grain Embargo went with the hard-line policy Reagan put forth toward the USSR, but this argument is invalidated by the financial burdens on America and the Soviet Union. Subsequently in his speech, George McGovern states in paragraph twenty, â€Å"The U. S. omestic blow to the agricultural community can reasonably be concluded to be greater than the one we are delivering, at least in the long run and at least in economic terms. † Plus, Russia was coming off a record low year for crop production, further supporting this act’s injustification. Despite the fact that the Russian Embargo Act was mainly a burden to farm society, it also proved or will have proven to be a burden to other important parts of society. The Russian Grain Embargo also devastated both the United States and the Soviet Union in ways other than agriculturally including everyday citizens. In paragraph eighteen McGovern alludes to his great statistical knowledge, noting that American taxpayers compensated for the debt of the Russian Grain Embargo by paying a sum of $3. 8-5 million. The credibility of the United States as a reliable trade partner skyrocketed due to the embargo. The administration of former President Jimmy Carter probably did not foresee this outcome or even think about it. Another outcome of the act was expanded herd slaughter in Russia. Russians thus consumed bad or in some cases unsanitary meat because of the lack of U.  S. meat shipments. Instead of wasting our time creating unnecessary policies or embargoes or groundlessly creating a powerful Afghan resilient force, the Unites States should have seized other important opportunities. For example, during the period in which the United States sent weapons to the mujahidin, Afghanistan’s neighboring country Pakistan developed a nuclear-weapon program. This is ironic because limiting nuclear-weaponry in any place was apparently supposed to be a chief concern of America, yet we did nothing about it. Pakistan could have shared nuclear secrets with its ally neighbors, thus jeopardizing American security. Benjamin Frankel wrote about the possibility that Pakistan could eventually use their nuclear weapons. In that case, America would certainly regret not committing itself to the issue. Before acting, we have to first ponder all implications – the pros and cons. Either the various leaders of the United States from 1979 to 1989 did not do this or they misevaluated. When a country is already on an nevitable path to its downfall, spending a large amount of money to try to hasten it is unnecessary. Blocking trade to that country is inessential and dumb if all parties involved are negatively affected like in the case of the Russian Grain Embargo. In the end, the Unites States and Soviet Union were burdened by their shortsighted approaches; ergo, we should learn from their mistakes and attempt to fix any remaining consequences. Unfortunately, we may one day have to endure the reper cussions of not taking action if a Middle Eastern country sets off a nuclear bomb.

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Best Preforming Drug Within The Groups - 1553 Words

In the following exploratory data analysis, of the relevant variables, it is our hope to identify the best preforming drug within the groups (groups A, group B, group C). The exploratory analysis provides a view of how each group performed over the course of 12 weeks. In figure 1, below is the descriptive table. The descriptive table provides a view of all variables associated with the HDL/LDL drug study. The output with the descriptive table contains the overall Norman clashers of the study, there is a section identified as group, statistics, and standard error. The section labeled group; it identifies the group of participants in the study. In addition, statistics are provided in the form of the mean scores for each group as well as the number of participants and error associated with each group (some data isn’t visible due to pivot table activation). Figure 1 In the LDL group, the overall mean total score of 97.98 (SD = 17.165). Control group (M = 101.10) Drug A (M = 86.20), drug B (121.40) drug C (M=83.20), and scores 82.25, 94.00, and 109.75 represented the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles, respectively. However, it is necessary to evaluate the associated graphs to aid in the development of understanding of the data (Field, 2013). Perhaps, one graph that is of importance is the box graph, it gives the researcher a better view of how the mean scores compare. Using the graphs and descriptive information in tables gives the researcher enough information to formulate aShow MoreRelatedRejection of Lethal Injection Essay examples867 Words   |  4 Pageslethal injection is the act or instance of injecting a drug for purposes of capital punishment or euthanasia. In other words, putting chemicals into a person to kill them. There are four other types of execution. There is death by electrocuting the subject, death by putting the subject in to a gas chamber, death by hanging the subject, and death by a firing squad shooting the subject (â€Å"Methods of Execution†). Lethal injection is not the best way to execute the subject because the requirements areRead MoreBtec National Diploma E ffective Communication1242 Words   |  5 PagesDeveloping Effective Communication P1 There are many different settings relevant within the Health and Social Care Sector. For example you could be placed in a Residential or Nursing home, a Mental Health ward, a Simple Doctores surgery or even a Brain Damage unit. Each of these settings require different skills to enable you to work and care for the patients effectively. I am now going to explore the value of effective and varied types of communication in order to care for and support serviceRead MoreMajor Depressive Disorder ( Mdd )1428 Words   |  6 Pagescombination of symptoms that interfere with a person’s ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy once-pleasurable activities. Major depression is disabling and prevents a person from functioning normally. Some people may experience only a single episode within their lifetime, but more often a person may have multiple episodes† (National Instittute of Mental Health, 2014, p. 2) Forms of Major Depressive Disorder When dealing with depression there are a variety of different forms; for example, Major depressionRead MoreThe Value Of Simulation Lab Clinical1424 Words   |  6 PagesRelated Groups (DRG). Today’s nurse must constantly acquire new knowledge, new perceptions, new judgments, and new skills. To teach students to integrate these concepts, educators must repeatedly expose students to clinical situations with no right answer (Benner, et al., 2011). Her original research compared the responses of the novice and expert nurse in like clinical situations. This theory changed how expert is viewed in the nursing profession. An expert is the nurse that provides the best careRead MoreComparison Between Michael Jackson And Whitney Houston1342 Words   |  6 Pagesawarded female artist of all time. As well as preforming at some of the biggest and most prestigious venues around the world we can only dream about visiting and gaining world-wide fame they ended up meeting an untimely de ath due to addiction. Michael Joe Jackson born 29th August 1958 in Gary Indiana, United States (Biography online, 2017), dubbed ‘The King of Pop’ has lived a very high-profile life since early childhood being the focus within the family group the Jackson 5 and having one of the biggestRead MoreCriminology1867 Words   |  8 Pages- GOV.UK, 2017) obviously this rate is ever changing, but as we reflect this amount against the year 1973 statistics, at 35,700 this amount is substantially less. Criminology is important as it allows the analysis of the prisons and the criminals within them, enabling issues to be found. In the UK prisons, there are many issues surrounding equality, primarily with the black ethnic community. Black African Caribbean’s account for just 12% of the prison population were as white ethnicity accumulatesRead MoreTupac Shakur: A Brief Life Story1779 Words   |  7 Pagesfor a couple of years and then attended Baltimore School of Arts which was a preforming arts school located close to his home. He studied lots of things there that had nothing to do with music like jazz, ballet, poetry and acting. He even preformed in the famous play â€Å"The Nutcracker†, and a couple of Shakespeare plays. Shakur made several friends at this school and accomplished a lot of things he was recognized as the best rapper in his school which was a great thing considering this school was hugeRead MorePolice Brutality And The Civil Liberties Essay1895 Words   |  8 PagesUnited States was forged in the fires of an abusive government. It is not so surprising then that the concept o f police brutality so offends the American psyche, on such a deep level. As citizens we entrust our police with immense power to act in our best interest. With this power comes the responsibility for its use to be judicial and fair for all people. Police power is confined by the constitution, federal, state, and local law, which clearly defines the expected behavior of agents appointed onRead MoreAbortion Is The Deliberate Termination Of A Human Pregnancy2966 Words   |  12 Pagesof abortion that are specific to the stage of pregnancy that the woman is in. The safest form of abortion is medication induced abortion, commonly referred to as the â€Å"abortion pill.† It is administered between four and seven weeks of pregnancy. This drug (Mifepristone) unbalances the progesterone levels in a woman, making the uterus unstable for a fetus to attach. The woman returns to the clinic a few days later to expel the deceased fetus from her body. Similar to Mifepristone, but slightl y more dangerousRead MoreThe Importance Of Patient Safety And Preventative Care3017 Words   |  13 PagesHealth Organization defines patient safety as â€Å"the reduction of risk of unnecessary harm associated with health care to an acceptable minimum†. (Emanuel, 2008) There are many things that nurses must do to assure that this is being executed while preforming care to each patient. The main concern when addressing patient safety would be the proper use of adequate staff and the newest evidence based practice. While it is imperative that each nurse and all other staff members are performing safe practice